Product No: LT-N178
Product Name: TBA
Chemical Name: Tri(biphenyl-4-yl)amine
CAS No: 6543-20-0
Grade: Sublimed, > 99% (HPLC)
Formula: C36H27N
M.W.: 473.61 g/mole
TGA: > 150 °C (0.5% weight loss)
Specification: LT-N178H,TBA, Sublimed, > 99.5% (HPLC)
Reference: Theoretical Investigation of Organic Amines as Hole Transporting Materials: Correlation to the Hammett Parameter of the Substituent, Ionization Potential, and Reorganization Energy Level, Australian Journal of Chemistry (2009), 62(5), 483-492;DOI:10.1071/CH08348