Product No: LT-N165
Product Name: X-F6-TAPC
Chemical Name: N,N'-(4,4'-(Cyclohexane-1,1-diyl)bis(4,1-phenylene))bis(N-(4-(6-(2-ethyloxetan-2-yloxy)hexyl)phenyl)-3,4,5-trifluoroaniline)
Grade: > 99% (HPLC)
Formula: C64H72F6N2O4 
M.W.: 1047.26 g/mole
UV: 300 nm (in CH2Cl2)
Solvent: Toluene, Chloroform

Belong to OLED materials_Hole Transport Layer (HTL) / Electron Blocking Layer (EBL).Made by Lumtec.

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