Product No: LT-E413
Product Name: BDAF
Chemical Name: 2-[9,9-Di(4-methylphenyl)-fluoren-2-yl]-9,9-di(4-methylphenyl)fluorene
CAS No: 854046-47-2
Grade: Sublimed, > 97% (HPLC)
Formula: C54H42
M.W.: 690.91 g/mole
UV: 333 nm (in THF)
PL: 386 nm (in THF)
TGA: > 310 °C (0.5% weight loss)
Solvent: Toluene, Chloroform
Reference: Optical Properties of Oligo(9,9-diarylfluorene) Derivatives in Thin Films and Their Application for Organic Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistors, J. Phys. Chem. C 2007, 111, 1, 108–115;DOI:10.1021/jp0654056